Midtown Manhattan Korean & Mexican Food Mashup

We didn't have this! Too bad...

We expected a taco, perhaps this short rib taco, but we got a kimchi quesadilla instead

They were serving a Korean/Mexican mashup..kimchi quesadilla out of a  truck… the Dessert Truck on loan to Kogi! And it was on 56th street and Lexington Avenue, only a couple of blocks away from my office.

It seemed like a good idea when I read about it in Eater.com and even better when I read the buzz on MidtownLunch.com where, after the fact, I got the photo below.  (I was without a camera since I returned my Apple iPhone yesterday. Good thing too with the new models and software update announced today.)

At $4 bucks and going to benifit CityMeals-on-wheels I couldn’t miss it!

...but the chocolate mousse from the Desert Truck was excellent!

...but the chocolate mousse from the Desert Truck was excellent!

The quesadilla was a bit greasy but had a nice spicy/hot after glow. The chocolate mousse with peanut butter filling was surrounded by and nestled in a creme Anglais. It was garnished with a piece of caramel coated popcorn-reminiscent of Cracker Jacks.  Very nice.

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