Harry Potter, Farmers’ Market, Whole Foods And The Half Blood Prince


It was going to be in iMAX and 3D at the “only real IMAX, not the new fake digital LieMAX. We got to the AMC Lincoln Square theatre at 68th Street and Broadway about 45 minutes early so we could get “perfect seats”  smack in the middle of the theater and  about 3/4 of the way up.

While we waited for the show to begin, we munched lots of popcorn and I began read the NY Times article by Micha Pollan: Out Of The Kitchen, Onto The Couch about “How American cooking became a spectator sport and what we lost along the way”. It seemd to explain to me the design of so many kitchens in new developments: Kitchen Stadiums. More on this another time.

Just as the movie started there was an annoucement “…as you know, only the first 20 minutes will be in 3D…” We were pissed but when the “signal” came to remove our 3D glasses we did and enjoyed the rest of the movie in “real” iMAX. Caveat emptor!

After the show we took a walk to the Time Warner Center to visit the Whole Foods Store stopping off at a small Farmers’ Market on 65th Street rght where Columbus Avenue and  Broadway cross.

Whole Foods Market at Time Warner Center

Whole Foods Market at Time Warner Center

Here’s the map and some more Flickr photos.

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