The Most Annoying Words In Real Life & Real Estate

Wordle 2br equal-greater compressed 1M

A "Wordle" of 2br/2bth co-ops & condos =>$1M in Manhattan

In a recent Marist poll, nearly half of Americans – 47% – said they find “whatever” most annoying.  The other sayings weren’t quite so loathed.  25% say they find “you know” most grating; 11% can’t stand “it is what it is”; 7% would like to ban “anyway” from all verbal exchanges; and 2% reported that they could do without hearing “at the end of the day.”

After reading thousands of Manhattan apartment descriptions, I have come up with my top  list of  real estate words and phrases that I find most annoying:

  1. Boasts
  2. Oversized (also ample or generous)
  3. Sun-drenched
  4. Residence
  5. Triple mint

Here’s a “finger-nails-on -the-black-board” apartment description:

This triple mint, sun drenched apartment boasts oversized windows and generous maintenance.  You must call me for the non-negotiable price, a private showing or whatever. Anyway, if you have to ask the price this residence may not be for you. You know, at the end of the day it is what it is.

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