It’s Halloween, Charlie Brown: A Few Tips for the Night of the Great Pumpkin


New York City Trick or Treat HalloweenYes, Halloween is Saturday, so it’s time to finalize your Trick-or-Treat plan if you are old enough to give out candy, under 13 or the parent of same.

Here are some tips for celebrating All Hallows Eve in the city:

  • If you welcome visits from all the little superheroes, pirates, witches and bumble bees in the building, make sure you’re apartment number is included on the list that should be posted in the lobby of your building.
  • If your building doesn’t have such a list, suggest one to the super.  It ensures that those who don’t welcome visitors won’t be disturbed.
  • If you really don’t care how cute little Sara is going to be in her princess outfit, leave a supply of candy with your doorman with “Happy Halloween from 11A” taped to the side of the bowl.  He’ll hand them out – and enjoy a few of the mini Snickers himself.  (Be sure to mention it if you want your bowl back in the morning.)
  • No doorman?  Want to participate but don’t want to spend the evening traipsing back and forth to the front door?  Leave a container of candy outside the door.  Remember to replenish the offering as needed as long as your budget allows.
  • If you live in a walkup, take pity on the frustration this causes for kids and parents – put a sign on your door to announce whether you are a treater.  You might try to post a lobby list and let everyone add themselves at the appropriate spot, but messing with the list may be irresistible for kids between 13 and 30 (possibly 40 in some cases of arrested development – you know who you are).
  • Make sure to give kids only store-bought, individually-wrapped candy, since wary parents will toss anything else.  Trick-or-Treaters’ faves include chocolate bars, Skittles, and Tootsie Roll Pops.  Kids today often are not fond of candy corn – yet another sign that times change.  No one but dentists gives sugarless gum.  It’s only once a year!
  • In the process of shedding pounds or watching your weight?  Buy only treats you dislike enough that you really, really won’t eat them, and be sure all extras get dropped off in a child household or taken to work on Monday.

Parents, here is some more information on how to Trick or Treat in New York City.

Happy Halloween!

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