Ownership Tip For Foreign Buyers of Manhattan Condos and Townhouses


Foreign purchasers of Manhattan real estate often take title to the property through a legal entity rather than in their capacity as individuals. Some of the reasons they opt for this can be privacy issues, income tax deferral issues, gift/estate tax concerns, the need or desire to shield the foreign investor’s own assets from liabilities arising from the ownership of U.S. real estate, and whether it is expected that additional investors will acquire equity interests in the property.

It is imperative that prior to signing the contract of sale the foreign purchaser receives competent legal and international tax advice as to the proper structure to use in order to accommodate the investment.

Foreign purchasers should be cognizant of the fact that certain types of entities in which they want to take title may not be available to persons that are NOT citizens or permanent residents of the United States, such as an “S Corporation”. In using this particular entity the investor would soon discover for one, that it may not be available to them and that the income generated by the U.S. real estate would likely be subject to double taxation.

This post was taken from a tip written by Filippo Cinotti, Esq.and published in PDE Title’s Spring Newsletter. PDE Title is a sister company of Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate.

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