Mortgage Market Trends for week ending March 19, 2010


According to some analysts, mortgage rates again “wandered about aimlessly” last week. It is becoming more apparent that the current economic recovery will be a very slow and muted affair, at least for the time being. With manufacturing issues appearing to cool, consumers remaining on the sidelines, and, in last week’s PPI and CPI, inflationary pressures seeming to be nearly nonexistent. The Fed will likely be able to maintain its low rates for some time. The Fed’s policy statement last week said as much, with the Fed leaving rates unchanged again.

This week could be another week of the same for rates, but there are some unknowns coming. While many have pointed out that the Fed continues to base many tools available to influence rates, its campaign of buying mortgage-backed securities will come to an end on March 31st. While there appears to be some significant stability to rates right now, markets can turn quickly. Hopefully it will not happen, but even a false rumor could lead to a spike in mortgage rates in the coming weeks.

Graph Courtesy from NY Times in an article by Bob Tedeschi March 17, 2010.  Data provided by Jeff Carpenter, Director of Finance, GFI Mortgage Bankers, Inc.

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