Charing Cross House, 305 East 72nd Street


I’ve always wondered why buildings where named as they are…This building, at 305 East 72nd Street, New York, NY 10021 was named after the book- 84, Charing Cross Road-.  Here’s what the plaque says:

Charing Cross House

From her many years’ correspondence with Marks & Co.,  Booksellers, of London Helene Hanff (1916-1997) created 84, Charing Cross Road the little book beloved around the world and a timeless bridge of the seas uniting people who love New York and London and Literature

…I decided the time had come to get me a real apartment with real furniture, and in my right ,mind and shaking all over I went around to the construction site of a new building going up over on 2nd Avenue and signed a lease on a 2 1/2 (“bed-sitter”) apartment that isn’t even there yet…I want to live like a lady even if it means putting off England till it’s paid for…

 Oh, the new address: AFTER September 1, 305 East 72nd St.,New York, NY 21

Here’s the linkto a YouTube excerpt from the Film about two friends (Anthony Hopkins & Anne Bancroft) who had never met, based on Helene Hanff’s book.

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