Sellers – Marketing Your Property…Little Things Mean A Lot!


Little touches can go a long way in getting the price you want for your apartment.  Give the buyer a chance and they will deduct from your sales price for every flaw they see.  Take that temptation out of the equation. 

  • Clear out your personality – de-clutter.  Give your buyer a chance to see their family or self living there.
  • Buy new towels and throw pillows.  Give your place a fresh look for very little.
  • Clean your rugs, floors… well everything!  Clean and tidy is the order of the day.  Fix cracked or chipped plaster.  Add a coat of fresh paint.
  • Replace tired, cracked grout.  Usually cheaper than ripping up the tile and replacing it.
  • Replace outdated appliances and fixtures.
  • Swap out the lighting fixtures for a brighter deal
  • If your kitchen looks old, replace or reface the cabinets for a boost
  • Make sure the space is defined. If it’s listed as a bedroom, make sure there’s a bed in it.

Look at your property from the buyer’s perspective and see what changes can be made for a relatively low cost.

Based on NY Times Article by Christine Haughney.

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