Open House Checklist


In Manhattan, Open Houses are a way of life when trying to sell an apartment.  Think of an Open House as opening night for your favorite Broadway play.  You want the rave reviews that will bring in the offers!

You’ve done all the cleaning and maintenance recommended by your Broker or Stager.  Here are a few last minute things to do before your open house. 

  • Pick up and store loose toys
  • Pick up and put away anything that doesn’t belong in the space
  • Put away last minute clutter (mail, newspapers, keys, etc) in a safe place
  • Put away toiletries, cosmetics, appliances in bath and bedrooms and store in basket/caddy in linen closet or vanity
  • Secure small personal valuables (electronics, jewelry, etc)
  • Turn on all the lights in every room
  • Turn on interior cabinet lights
  • Open blinds and window coverings
  • Make sure your apartment is spotless:  wipe down cabinets and countertops, tables and mirrors.
  • Vacuum high traffic areas
  • Fluff pillows and straighten coffee table
  • Close closet doors
  • Make sure your pets are out of the apartment for their safety and the safety of visitors.  Also make sure their dishes, litter boxes, beds are removed.
  • Empty garbage cans, especially kitchen and bathroom
  • Set out ‘good’ towels in bathroom
  • Toilet seats and lids should be down
  • Make beds and straighten pillows in all bedrooms
  • Fresh flowers in strategic locations (but don’t overdo it!)

 Read more about presenting your home in the best possible light from an insightful home stager I have worked with, Donna Dazzo.

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