You have to live here too… Living in a Staged home


Your apartment is on the market.  It’s been de-cluttered, polished and photographed.  Possibly you’ve spent good money on having your apartment professionally staged.  It looks like a spread in a glossy magazine. 

 But wait, you have to live there too.  “Do I have to keep it looking like this all the time?  How on earth can I do that while we live there?”  The short answer is you don’t have to.  Follow these tips to be able to show at a moment’s notice: 

  • Keep new purchases to a minimum
  • Don’t shove everything into a drawer, cabinet or closet.  Buyers are going to open every drawer and door to judge storage needs
  • Use a pretty basket or covered box to put mail, keys, calendars, etc. and place on a closet shelf or other out of the way place to keep things neat and protect your privacy.
  • Use baskets in the bath to keep cosmetics, toiletries and appliances looking neat.  Use a plastic basket for all your shower supplies that you can store in a cabinet or closet when not in use.
  • Keep your ‘company’ towels neatly folded on the towel bar and spares neatly folded or rolled up in the linen closet.  Your ‘everyday’ towels go in the washing machine or laundry bin prior to showing.
  • Make sure the kids’ toys are neatly stored in storage bins or chests.  Make sure the toys are picked up before bedtime or leaving for the day.
  • Pets are a touchy subject.  Not everyone is a pet lover.  Pets and their folderol should be removed if at all possible while your apartment is being shown.
  • Make the beds and fluff the pillows every day before leaving the house
  • Dishes should be washed or rinsed and stacked neatly in the dishwasher right after using them for last minute clean up of the kitchen.

Keeping your apartment in tip-top condition at all times might be a strain on the nerves, but the prospect of a quicker sale should help motivate you.  Make these practices part of your daily routine to reduce the stress. 

Read more about presenting your home in the best possible light from an insightful home stager I have worked with, Donna Dazzo.

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