Selling with Facebook?


Who do you know that uses Facebook? Maybe the easier question is who doesn’t?  Have you told your friends your apartment is for sale?  There’s a growing number of people who are looking for their next apartment on Facebook, forsaking Craig’s List due to the list’s increasingly negative reputation.

Someone will post on Facebook they’re looking for an apartment in a certain neighborhood or building.  Chances are good that someone else will know a person who knows about a vacancy or apartment for sale in the building or neighborhood.  It’s a case of the good old American Know-who.  If your friends and their friends are on Facebook, chances are, one of them know someone in the market for a new home.

If a Facebook friend points out a listing, consumers are more likely to trust them.  If your friends know your apartment is for sale and they know someone is shopping for an apartment, chances are very good they’ll point them to you and your apartment for sale. 

 Sometimes it’s not What you know but WHO you know.

Inspired by an article in The Real Deal.

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