Co-op Board Interviews for Pets!


People tend to find Co-op Board interviews difficult, if not downright stressful.  Some co-op Boards are now requiring applicants to submit their dogs for interviews as well.  Owner/Applicants can also be required to submit letters of recommendation from dog walkers, neighbors and groomers for their pet.

There are a number of trainers who now specialize in preparing dogs who face the scrutiny by New York City co-op boards.  Ms. Renee Payne, owner of Walk This Way , a canine behavior therapist designed an interactive interview process for co-op buildings to evaluate potential canine residents. 

  • Frustration tests to see how easily a dog loses patience and whether or not it acts out if it does not get what they wanted on demand.
  • Separation Anxiety tests to determine if the dog can remain calm when the owner is asked to leave during the interview.
  • An Elevator test to see a dog’s response riding the elevator and strangers getting on and off.
  • Doorbell tests to see how many times the dog will bark when the doorbell is rung. 

Excerpted from New York Times Article by Sarah Kershaw on August 23, 2011.


  1. […] Remember the Pets:  If you have a pet, be honest about it, and stress that yours are obedient and not a trouble-maker.  Explain you have read the rules and understand when and where pets are allowed on elevators and in the lobby.  Reassure them that the animal will not be a danger to anyone in the building.  You may even be asked to bring your pet in for an interview.  […]