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 11/30/11:  From The Real Deal:  November Rents in Manhattan, Brooklyn avoid seasonal drop:  “Despite the seasonal cooling of the residential rental market come the winter months, Manhattan rents barely flinched, according to a Manhattan rental market report released today by MNS, as prices dropped just 0.2 percent in November compared to the prior month. The rental market in Brooklyn showed similar strength, according to another report from the brokerage.”  Read more about it at The Real Deal

12/3/11:  From the New York Times:  Taking the Tiny House Movement Tinier:  “Glenn Grassi used his skills as a set designer in the construction of his portable 84-square-foot microhome, trying to maximize the space available. Read more about it in the New York Times  

12/4/11:  From the New York Times:  Higher Loan Limits, Again for Pricey Markets:  “Less than two months after lowering the maximum loan amount that could be backed by the Federal Housing Administration, lawmakers in Washington reversed course just before the Thanksgiving holiday and once again raised that limit, offering home buyers more financing options in a tight credit market”.  Read more about it in the New York Times 

12/4/11:  From the New York Times:  Help with a Down Payment:  “The biggest barrier to buying a home these days is saving for the down payment, according to a survey released in September by Trulia.  The best holiday gift some people might receive would be help with the down payment.“  Read more about it in the New York Times

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