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2/5/12:  Big Ticket: $19,000,000 - “A Condominium at Trump International Hotel and Tower that sold for $19million was the biggest sale of the week, according to city records.”  Read the entire article in the New York Times.

2/10/12:  More rooms at more inns loom in NY’s future - “City saw at least a dozen new hotels bow in 2011, with no less than 40 more expected to follow in the next 30 months; YOTEL was the only addition to the Top 25 hotels, with 669 rooms.”  Read the whole article at Crain’s New York.

2/14/12:  Uzbekistan Cancels Valentine’s Day – Who needs love when you can celebrate the birthday of Mughal Emperor Babur?  Uzbekistan has canceled Valentine’s Day — or at least a yearly concert by Rayhan, a popular singer who traditionally croons during Feb. 14 celebrations.  Instead, the government is trying to push the appreciation of Babur, who’s a descendent of Genghis Kahn and helped spread an empire across South and Central Asia.  Basically, its a rebellion against Western influences.  Instead of candy hearts and valentines, the government will schedule commemorative readings and poetry festivals.

2/14/12:  Big Deal Rental:  Just-sold CPW mansion to hit rental market for $110,000 a month – “A 13-room townhouse at 247 Central Park West recently sold by  the former president of handbag company Coach, is now set to hit the rental market in the next few days for a staggering $110,000 per month”  Read more about it at The Real Deal

2/14/12  Want a Date?  Buy a Home:  In a survey of 1,000 single people, more than a third of women and 18% of men said they would much rather date a homeowner than a renter.  Read about it at CNNMoney.com

2/16/12  Big Deal Brazil Booms and Brokers Smile:  “Many of the Brazilian buyers in New York are professionals in their 30s and 40s, often tied to commodities or the finance sector, which has made many Brazilians rich from a flurry of I.P.O.’s in recent years. Brazilians favor addresses along Central Park on the Upper East Side or in Midtown near Lincoln Center, where many have season tickets, brokers say.”  Read about it in the New York Times

2/22/12  A tour of beer heiress’ UES apartment, on market for $14M:  :Beer heiress gives a tour of her New York City apartment at the Stanhope, on the Upper East Side, in a video from the New Yorker, via the Real Estalker blog.”  Read about it and see the video at the Real Deal.

2/22/12 MTA to make late-night house calls along Second Avenue Subway construction site:  “Rather than take Upper East Siders’ word, Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials want to experience sleepless nights along Second Avenue for themselves. According to the New York Post, transit officials plan to make late-night visits to apartments near the Second Avenue Subway construction site that has elicited constant noise complaints from neighbors.”  Read more at the Real Deal

2/25/12  Subway Entrances? Not on Our Block:  “…fears running along 69th Street near Lexington Avenue, home to the Union Club, neo-Georgian homes and carriage houses. They are fears normally associated with the less-charming realities of urban life, like a homeless shelter or a late-night dive bar. But in this case, they are focused on something quite different: new entrances to a subway station.”  Read the whole article in the New York Times.

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