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2/24/12  Find Your NYC Teacher’s Rating:  “The Department of Education releasted teacher ratings Friday that – for the first time in city history – allow parents to see, by name, how their children’s teachers performed.”  Read the full article at

2/27/12  Buy this Queens site, get free East Side apartments:  “The odd bonus that comes with purchase of a Flushing, Queens site is not in infomercial-style marketing ploy.  It’s the collateral on a bad loan.”  Read about it at Crain’s NY.

3/1/12 NYC stuck on slow boat:  “The economic news just gets better and better.  In the final quarter of 2011, total output of goods and services expanded at an annual clip of 3%, according to Commerce Department data out Wednesday.  In New York, however, the news is not nearly so rosy, and the reason why can be summed up in two words:  ‘Wall Street’.”   Read the full article at Crain’s NY The RED Wrap.

3/1/12 Celeb chef Emeril slashes price on Townhouse:  “One celebrity chef is betting the onset of the spring season will have prospective luxury property buyers on the hunt for a sizzling-hot bargain. Star chef and television personality Emeril Lagasse is planning to reduce the asking price of his Lenox Hill townhouse by a cool $1.5 million, or 10 percent, to ‘take advantage of the spring market’. ” Read all about it at

3/2/12  Manhattan population to jump by 2030, putting strain on housing:  “While the demand for New York real estate remains somewhat unquenchable for the meantime, it’s possible the city could grow so crowded in the future that it may beocme a turn-off for prospective city dwellers”.  Read the full article at


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