So You Want to Sell Your Upper East Side Apartment


You’re ready for a change.  You want to sell your apartment… or Do you?  Carefully consider these questions before you take the plunge.

1) Is the apartment ready to Sell?

Most properties could use a little sprucing up. Some apartments need some renovation . Listing the apartment before it is in ‘show perfect’ condition can cost you days on the market and/or sales price

2)  Are you motivated?

  • Will you be flexible enough to allow the property to be shown when a buyer wants to see it?  
  • Will you trust your broker’s judgment on proper pricing? 
  • Are you open to advice on staging and presenting the property to sell?

3) Do you have the authority and capacity to sell the property?

Make sure the title/proprietary lease is clear and under your management. For example many coop Board have special requirements when an estate owns the property. In the case of Divorce, will your spouse need to agree to the sale? Rely on your team broker, attorney, accountant financial advisor to guide you.

A “NO” answer to any one of these questions may mean you are not ready to sell and could cost you time and money.

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