Financing Your Manhattan Apartment – Even if You Don’t Need to!


After finding the perfect New York Home, finding a quick, easy and appropriate method of financing may be almost as challenging.  Morgan Stanley  Smith Barney is offering an alternative financing option and counseling on how those choices may impact their overall wealth management plan.

If you:

  • Need quick access to funds
  • Want to avoid traditional mortgage fees
  • Are finding it challenging to obtain a traditional mortgage for new construction or investment property
  • Are required to verify you have sufficient liquid assets to support the purchase
  • Want to use a bridge loan as a short term strategy
  • Are purchasing a second home and wanted to use equity in primary residence as down payment value of primary home has decreased significantly

Securities Based Lending using the Portfolio Loan Account may be for you.

  • Allows borrowers to use eligible securities in their brokerage account as collateral.
  • No  origination, maintenance or facility fees
  • Access to available credit without having to reapply for each new loan
  • Quick application process, with access to credit in approximately five business days.

This post is based on a document provided by Amit Michael Kapil at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and is to be used for informational purposes only, not to be considered legal, tax or financial advice by The Real Estate Geezer

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