6 Secrets for a Serene Buying Experience


6 Keys for a Serene Buying Experience

Buying a home is the single biggest purchase most of us will ever make. For many, it is a transaction full of fear, worry, and stress. Here are a few secrets to help the stress melt away.

  1. Education. Since most of us fear what we don’t understand, educate yourself. Ask questions, and own up to not understanding something. The only ‘stupid’ question is the one that is not asked. Keep asking until you understand the answer.
  2. Surround yourself with experts. Finding the right people to help you through the transaction can make all the difference. They will help you manage expectations. Board approvals and financial statements are fraught with pitfalls that your Real Estate Agent and accountant can help you navigate.
  3. Be Prepared. Like a Swiss watch, real estate transactions have a lot of moving parts. Any one delay could send the whole timeline into a tizzy. Make sure you plan for delays like attorney reviews and board approval, and add in some breathing room to reduce the stress. 
  4. Expect the unexpected. Even when you think you’ve covered all the bases, there can be challenges that will try your patience. The board application can be long and tedious, seemingly prying into every aspect of your life. Requests for clarification give you a chance to fill in the blanks that could mean the difference between approval and denial. 
  5. Control what you can. Focus your energy on the parts of the transaction you can control; working on your credit, saving, and finding trusted professionals who will guide you through the process. Having a clear vision of your daily life and personal finances in your new home will help you see past the obstacles to the goal. “An obstacle is what we see when we take our eyes off the goal.” Focus on the goal, and let your trusted professionals guide you through the obstacle course.
  6. Let go of the rest. There’s a big difference between knowing what can happen and planning for the possibility, or dwelling on every possible disaster. If fate throws up a roadblock, take a deep breath, consult your experts, and make the best decision you can.

Inspired by Trulia article by Tara-Nicholle Nelson

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