The Opposite View of the Neighbor’s Windows


The building you live in is lovely; the amenities fit your needs.  You love your apartment, except… the view from the balcony is less than stellar.  Across the courtyard, you see broken windows, torn curtains and water damage.  What’s a person to do? 

Well, you could send a letter to the occupant with a check offering to pay for repairs and new curtains, and risk offending the occupant, or you could walk across the courtyard and visit in person.  Ask them if they noticed the view from outside their apartment.  Maybe they ordered new curtains already, or maybe they’re broke and cannot afford the repairs.  Maybe you could offer to help with the repairs if it is within your comfort zone and budget so that you can improve your view.  Stay friendly, even if they tell you to mind your own business. 

Or, you could just ignore it…

Based on New York Times Article.

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