Virtual Staging – An Alternative for Limited Budgets


Staging a home for a sale often includes clearing clutter, adjusting the placement of furniture and making the apartment appear as clean, fresh and desirable as possible.  Virtual staging will digitally alter photos of a home to show potential buyers what could be done in the space without actually making the changes.  Typically physical staging is expensive, starting at around $2,500.  A photo of a room can be digitally staged for about $65 to $75 per photo.

If given a choice, physical staging is most advantageous; when viewing the property, buyers can actually see rather than imagine the space in the perspective of size and scale.  An empty apartment leaves buyers wondering if their furniture will fit, but seeing digitally staged photos will allow buyers to better visualize how furniture works within a space.

Virtual staging has other benefits as well.  Is the space a perfect fit for a grand piano, but the cost is prohibitive to put one in the physical space?  Digitally add one with a few clicks of a mouse.  Furnishings look a little outdated?  Wipe the slate clean and digitally put in new furniture.

Staging experts recommend focusing on the living room and master bedroom, using just a few key pieces of furniture that will make the room appear open and inviting.  Furniture should never take over a space.


From NY Times Article by Tim McKeough


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