Is That “L” Really A Room? Maybe…


Room Requirements

Q:  Does a room need to have a window to be considered a “room” for listing purposes?  If so, is there a minimum required size for the window?

 A:  Yes.  For listing purposes, the NYC Administrative Code requires every “room” to have at least one window that opens onto a street, yard, or court on the same lot.  Furthermore, the window must have a total area of at least one-tenth the floor area of the entire room.  Closets, halls, stairs, laundry rooms, bathrooms, foyers and dining spaces are not considered “rooms” and therefore do not require windows.

To view a FAQ on the proper marketing of bedrooms and other rooms in a dwelling, CLICK HERE.  Note that “bedrooms” and “living rooms” have different window size requirements than regular “rooms”.

From REBNY Newsletter

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