MTA Unveils Second Avenue Subway Air Monitoring Website


You can take a deep breath along the Second Avenue subway construction zone, according to the MTA.  Even with the dirt and dust from the digging and blasting, the MTA says the air is safe, and created a website to post the data online to prove it. 

  • Every Wednesday, MTA will post updated air quality monitoring data from the 10 locations between East 63rd to 96th streets on its website  for the pollutant Particulate Matter 10, which can cause or aggravate such health concerns as asthma, bronchitis or other lung disorders.
  • Data collected so far show that the levels along the corridor are generally 1/3 below the national standard set by the EPA
  • The results show the 24-hour readings of minute-to-minute samples collected.
  • If levels exceed standards during a 15-minute window, an alarm goes off and immediate action is taken.

 Local politicians and some residents are pleased with the voluntary transparency and find the results and increased communications encouraging.

Excerpted from DNAinfo.com

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