East River Transfer Station One Step Closer


Despite intense opposition, the plan to build a garbage transfer station on the East River at 91st Streetnear the Asphalt Green Recreation area  has received final federal regulatory approval from the US Army Corps of Engineers.  Construction is slated to begin before the end of this year.

The Bloomberg Administration developed a waste-manage plan in 2006, in part to rely more on barges to transport trash and decrease the amount of trucks used.  Each borough would also have to handle its own waste.  Currently Manhattan is the only borough without a waste-transfer station, making the East River transfer station a key part of the plan.

Opposition to the plan includes several unsuccessful lawsuits to stop the construction, and a current lawsuit brought by Assemblyman Micah Kellner of Manhattan which charges two other key parts of the plan have yet to be implemented:  building a recycling center on Gansevoort Street in Greenwich Village; and modifying the 59th  Street Recycling center to receive commercial waste; as well as the greater than estimated volume of waste coming to the 91st Street station.  The Bloomberg administration states the Gansevoort Street recycling center would be operational by 2016 with the W 59th Street station would be modified at that time to receive the commercial waste.

Other opposition is concerned about air quality and marine life in the East River and the proximity to Asphalt Green Recreation center.  

With a budget of $240 million, the construction contract will be forthcoming.  The waste station could be operational by 2015, according to city sources.

 Inspired by New York Times Article.  Map courtesy Google Maps

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