Organizing Tiny Spaces – the Drawerless Kitchen


Have you seen the size of some New York City kitchens?  The smaller ones don’t have many drawers or none at all!  Where do you keep your takeout menus and measuring cups with no drawers? 

A few tips to turn your kitchen into a functional space:

Minimize – keep only the essentials.

Compartmentalize – keep like things together, eating utensils, cooking utensils, serving utensils and such.

Stack up – Stick to one or two colors in the kitchen to keep the kitchen looking neat. 

Knives – Use a knife magnet to keep them handy but out of the way.

Frequently-used Miscellany – Hang wine openers, measuring cups, cheese graters, etc from a hook to keep them off the countertops.

From article at DNA Info.com http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20130107/new-york-city/drawerless-kitchen-how-organize-tiny-space

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