Tips for creating a Quiet Sanctuary at Home


If you live in a New York City apartment, you are likely subjected to any number of loud and often disturbing noises.  Neighbors cooking, garbage trucks rumbling past, car alarms and construction noise are just a few of the sounds that can disrupt your peaceful environment. 

Here’s some advice from Real Estate experts:

Consider the location:  both inside the building and the neighborhood.  If you’re looking for a quiet apartment, you may want to think again before relocating next to a school, hospital, fire station or construction site.

Don’t judge a building by its exterior:   If you’re looking for absolute quiet, avoid apartments near elevators, buildings that allow pets, and tiled hallways.  Decorate with soft materials to dampen noise, like carpeting, draperies, and textiles on the walls.

Put technology to work for you:  Sound barriers such as wall and window treatments, soundproofing between units and dropped ceilings help deaden the sounds from within the building.  Replacing windows out of your budget?  Consider adding an additional layer of window inside your existing window.  CityProof Windows provides this service  at a relatively affordable price.

Do your homework:  Check out your target neighborhood during different times of the day and week.  You’re unlikely to hear anything disturbing during a 9-5 visit (unless the apartment is near a construction zone), but you could get an earful if you wander by in the early morning or late evening.  Also check in with the doorman and other residents if possible to determine if this is the right place for you.



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