Sellers’ Perspective: You can Please all of the People – Some of the Time…


…But there’s no pleasing everyone all of the time, especially in real estate.  Buying real estate is mostly about personal preference, from location to décor.  Some things can be changed, true, but you can’t just move an apartment to a different location.  So we’re going to focus on tips for the things you can change.

  •  Odors:  Your apartment is all spruced up and ready to show, but buyers use all their senses when looking for a home.  Nothing sends people running faster than powerful odors.  Cigarette smoke and pet odors cause people to think the odors are permanent.  Invest in professional cleaning to address the challenge.
  • Extreme Overpricing:  If buyers and their brokers are constantly commenting on the price or worse, nobody is even looking at it or you continually get lowball offers, you may have a challenge on pricing.  Make sure your apartment represents value for the price.  Make sure you listen to your broker’s advice when it comes to pricing.  He’s the expert in your neighborhood, and can bring you comparable prices to similar apartments.
  • Dirt and mess:   Buyers get distracted by clutter and dirty dishes, piles of mail and books in plain view.  Make sure everything is neat and tidy before every showing and open house.
  • Lots of little malfunctions:  Buyers will almost compulsively open and close cabinet doors and drawers, flick light switches and hold handrails as they go up and down stairs.  Drippy faucets  and uneven tiles will sometimes send buyers running, or at the very least subconsciously start tallying up the cost of all the little fixes and drop their offer accordingly.  To sidestep this pitfall, walk through the apartment with your broker and have him show you all the little fixes that need to be handled.  Check with your building Super to see if he can fix them for your inexpensively.

 Inspired by Trulia article by Tara-Nicholle Nelson

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