Second Avenue Subway News


On Friday, March 15, 2013, MTA Capital Construction (MTACC) hosted its tenth Second Avenue Subway (SAS) Construction Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting at Marymount Manhattan College. The CAC meetings are an integral part of MTACC’s continuing effort to keep the community informed about construction activity in the neighborhood.

CAC meetings bring MTACC, SAS construction managers and contractors, and representatives of the community together to discuss and work on construction issues. These are working meetings for building representatives, including condo and co-op board members and building managers, those who live in buildings not represented by boards, business owners, and community board and association representatives.  SAS quarterly public workshops are open to the public.

The following is a summary of the March 15th meeting:

  • The last Public Workshop was held on January 30th2013.  The workshop report will be distributed soon.
  • Sidewalk improvements were made on Second Avenue at 69th Street.  Pedestrian crosswalks throughout the work area were also restriped.
  • All drill and blast excavation for the 72nd Street Station Area was completed as of February 28th 2013.
  • Concrete operations will continue until approximately October 2013.  During peak periods, expected to occur from May 2013 – August 2013, there will be a higher frequency of concrete truck activity. This is needed to execute the high volume pours needed to form the cavern arch lining.
  • With blasting ended at the Ancillaries and Entrance 3, these areas will now function as additional access points for cavern operations.  Muck bins that were used to remove excavated material have been eliminated from the sites; however, cranes will remain to allow for the erection of ancillary and entrance structures.
  • Work to disassemble the 72nd Street Muck House will begin in May 2013. Once complete, crews will begin relocating utilities across the 72nd Street shaft. Utility relocation for 1322 Second Avenue is also expected to commence in preparation for Entrance 1 construction.
  • Additional design review has led to a redesign of Entrance 1. The new entrance will be discussed further at a follow-up CAC meeting on April 8th. The latest proposal was presented at the Community Board 8 SAS Taskforce meeting on February 28, 2013. Additional public/community meeting(s) will be scheduled by Community Board 8 to discuss Department of Transportation plans for a proposed bike lane along Second Avenue at the completion of Second Avenue Subway project. Community members are encouraged to check the Community Board’s website for updates and schedules of these Community Board-lead meetings.
  • Please note that the PowerPoint presentation shown at this meeting is available on the website:
  •  The next CAC meeting will be held in June 2013.  SAS community liaisons will continue to meet with smaller groups as requested to discuss specific elements of construction progress.

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