Muck House Removal at 72nd Street


The MTA has been advising us over the past few months that the 72nd Street muck house removal will be occurring this Spring, commencing in May. This work has commenced and the structure is currently being emptied of all materials and equipment. The breakdown of the structure’s metal enclosure and framework will begin within the next few days. To facilitate the safe removal of the enclosure and to protect passing pedestrians, a sidewalk shed will be installed on or about Monday, May 13th along the east sidewalk of Second Avenue between 72nd Street and 73rd Street.

Please note that the scope and nature of construction activities are subject to change based upon field conditions. All work has been approved by appropriate City agencies where required. The MTA committed to completing this work quickly and safely with the least amount of disruption to neighborhood residents, and they appreciate your continued patience during this construction.

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Blugh-Willis, Community Liaison for the 72nd Street Station Area, via email at

or after hours at (212) 792 9716.

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