East Side Marine Transfer Station & The New York City Flood Map Changes


It is particularly interesting to note that the controversial East Side  Marine Transfer Station near Asphalt Green  is precariously located in the most dangerous flood zone.

Recently FEMA released new flood maps in the wake of Super storm Sandy.    When Sandy hit last October, according to the 1983 map, only 218,000 residents, 36,000 buildings and 377 UES_Flood_Map_Evacuationmillion square feet of built area was in the high-risk floodplain.  The most updated maps show 400,000 New York City residents living in the flood plain and about 270,000 working in areas now considered high risk for dangerous flooding.

Legend_Flood_MapOfficials warn that flooding could get worse.  The maps are developed from historical data and do not consider climate changes that could raise the sea level or increase heavy downpours.

Mayor Bloomberg outlined recommendations for protecting New York City from future hurricanes, heat waves, droughts, cold events and torrential rains.  He expects that by mid-century up to 1/4 of all of the City’s land area will be in the floodplain, affecting some 800,000 residents.

You’ll find the interactive flood map here. See also the FEMA Fact sheet


Excerpted from Crain’s New York


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