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The Manhattan project

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The Manhattan Project from Cameron Michael on Vimeo.

 I hope you enjoy this cool video as much as I did!


In the News – October 21, 2012

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10/3/12  Power Strips:  What’s your strategy for Power Strips?  Do you hide them?  How about showing them off?  Read about Rich Thrush’s strategy and see some interesting designs in this New York Times article.

10/10/12  Exclusive 3rd Quarter 2012 Elliman Report for Westchester & Putnam Sales Markets:  After one of the busiest spring markets we’ve seen in 5 years, the Westchester housing market remained active through the summer.  In fact, third quarter sales in Westchester were up sharply compared to the same time last year. Record-low mortgage rates, despite unusually tight lending conditions, drove demand and helped bring first time buyers into the market. While housing prices generally remained stable, the amount of inventory available for sale continued to decline. We anticipate the same market conditions through the end of the year.   See the full report at 

10/18/12  Exclusive 3rd Quarter 2012 Elliman Report for the Queens Market:  The third quarter Queens housing market was characterized by stable pricing and falling inventory. Properties sold faster as buyers and sellers moved closer together in determining fair prices. Despite mortgage rates dropping to record lows, the market remained a challenge for buyers, with limited inventory to choose from and tight bank lending conditions. The Queens market has come a long way over the past several years, and we look forward to an active market over the next several quarters.   See the full report at

10/18/12  Exclusive 3rd Quarter 2012 Elliman Report for the Brooklyn sales Market:  The Brooklyn housing market was defined by falling inventory this quarter. Consumers had fewer choices, which continued to hold back the number of sales. Despite mortgage rates falling to record lows, housing prices remained stable, largely due to the tough lending standards still in place by banks.  Despite this challenge, the market stabilized, and we anticipate continued improvement over the upcoming quarters as the economy grows stronger.  See the full report at

Recently ABC News did a story on Graham Hill and his group at showing how they turned a 420 square foot SoHo studio apartment into a veritable Swiss Army Apartment.  The apartment was gutted and rebuilt with convertible walls and multi-purpose furniture and fixtures that morphs into six different living spaces, all in a single room.

Dinner party for 10?  No problem with an expandable table with multiple leaves slides out from under the kitchen counter to seats 10.

Guests staying over?  Pull out the convertible second bedroom to reveal bunk beds to sleep 2 more.  Dark heavy drapes ensure privacy.

Even the kitchen is unique.  All the appliances, refrigerator, dishwasher and stove are tucked into drawers.  The stove top is actually two induction burners that store in a drawer and are placed on the counter-top when needed.

Technology is present all over the apartment.  Projection screen TV and Rumba Robot vacuum are two of the features. 

Nearly every space has dual purpose, including the bathroom that doubles as a ‘quiet room’. 

The apartment embodies the “Less is More” philosophy, and does so with style.




In the News

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06/26/12:  Let them all eat a $1,000 dessert:  A crown prince of Dubai and his party arrived at the Serendipity 3 for one of their Golden Opulence Sundaes recently.  Read the full article at the New York Post   

7/13/12:  Geffen gets super Rich pad:  David Geffen buys Upper East Side Penthouse apartment of Denise Rich for $54 million.  See the full article in the New York Post


In the News

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6/3/12  Tourists Drive Retail Surge in Manhattan:  Tourists are spearheading a retail spending surge in Manhattan, with $52.4 billion expected to pour into the cash registers of clothing stores, electronics shops and other outlets by the end of 2012, according to a report being released Monday.  See the article in the Wall Street Journal 

6/6/12  Foreign investment in NYC commercial properties doubles, Knakal says: VIDEO:  While foreign investment in New York City residential real estate has captured the headlines, Massey Knakal Realty Services Chairman Robert Knakal appeared on CNBC’s “Street Signs” this afternoon to say foreign investors have also sought commercial properties (see video above). He reported seeing twice as much foreign investment in real estate thus far in 2012 as he did during the same period last year.  See the Video and read the article at The Real Deal 

6/6/12  New York Hospitals Look to Combine, Forming a Giant:  A proposal to bring together NYU Langone Medical Center and the Continuum Health Partners network would change how medical care is delivered in the city.  See the full article in the New York Times   

6/7/12  Reports:  Manhattan rental market gets even tighter:  With rents again hitting record highs, vacancy rate dips below 1%.  See the entire article at The Real Deal


Where to Eat on the Upper East Side

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View Michael Lomonaco in a larger map

Michael Lomonaco shares some of his Upper East Side Favorites

Pizza by the Slice:  Italian Village 

Pizza by the Pie:  John’s Pizzeria

Cheap Burger:    J.G. Melon 

Fancy Burger:  Jones Wood Foundry  

Sandwich:  2nd Ave Deli

Coffee:  Oren’s Daily Roast

Bagels:  Tal Bagels 

Chinese:  Pig Heaven 

Breakfast:  E.A.T 

Bar:  Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle

Ice Cream/Gelato:  Sant Ambroeus

Falafel:  Melange Food Fair

Late Night Eats:  Cascabel Taqueria 

Date night:  Crown 

Can’t-miss Neighborhood Spot:  Sandoro’s   

From Serious Eats NY


Childproofing: Get Down on Their Level

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 It’s every parent’s worst nightmare; an accident harms your little darling, especially a preventable accident.  Outlets, dresser drawers and cabinets filled with chemicals are child magnets.  Being naturally curious, a child will explore everything with their hands and mouth.  Choking, shock and strangulation hazards are everywhere.

 Some advice from the experts:

  • Start before the child comes
  • Get down on their level.  Crawl around on your hands and knees and see things from a child’s perspective
    • Outlets:  use outlet covers with horizontally sliding doors.  Easy for parents to use, don’t need to be removed and reinserted.  Check out Safety 1st Swivel Outlet cover about $2.25, or Levitons Decora tamper-resistant duplex receptacle, $2.50 at Home Depot.
    • Choking and strangulation hazards:  Cords on window treatments and power cords.  Secure the electric cords out of reach with Safety 1st’s Cord Short’ner, about $4.  Forego the venetian blinds for something that is completely cordless.
    • Secure the TV to the wall, a child reaching and grabbing could tip the TV onto themselves.
    • Secure furniture more than 30 inches tall with wall restraints.  Be sure to screw the straps into a wall stud.
  • With all the temptations in the kitchen and bath, toxic chemicals, sharp utensils, etc., think Operation Lockdown:
    • Use latches that automatically reset upon closing.  Safety 1st No-Drill Deluxe latch kit (about $31/set of 4) uses a magnetic handle to release the latch.  Once installed, keeping track of the handle will be the hardest part.
    • In the bath, get a toilet lock.  KidCo makes one that automatically resets and is relatively easy to clean (about $15).
    • Keep the bathroom doors closed and put child-proof doorknob covers on the knobs.
  • Stairs:  Use a child safety gate top and bottom. 

 While this list isn’t all inclusive, it gives you a good start.  Consider calling in a consultant.  Every home is different, and poses different potential hazards. 

 Based on New York Times article by Bob TedeschiOctober 26, 2011

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Central Park: Seasons On The Terrace

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Central Park is one of the most important works of art in America. And for 30 years, the Central Park Conservancy has worked to maintain this living masterpiece and enhance the public’s enjoyment of its visionary design. What better way to celebrate the Park’s success than with a stunning art installation befitting of New York City’s premier museum without walls?

Narrated by Kevin Bacon this incredible marriage of art and technology takes you through a year in the life of Central Park. With musical selections from Sting’s Symphonicities, this digital artwork lets Central Park admirers from around the globe enjoy its colorful spring blooms, green summer lawns, rust-colored fall foliage and snowy winter landscapes – all without traveling an inch. Originally projected onto Bethesda Terrace during a live event on October 13, Seasons is making its online debut today.

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 As I tweeted last night @reGeezer:

Celebrated anniversary at Del Posto in Meat Packing District. Had 7 course tasting menu- local ingredients paired w/Italian EVOO+wine. Wow!

 Below is the menu from Del Posto’s site. Our favorites were the ostrich and the 100 Layer lasagne!

                                                                  Menu Tradizionale

Champagne “Fleur de L’Europe,” Fleury Brut NV France

Del Posto CRUDO with Homegrown Herbs & Burrata
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ROI: Cru Riva Gianca, Riviera dei Fiori DOP 2009/ 2010 Liguria
Cinque Terre “Marea,” Bisson 2008 Liguria

Apician Spiced OSTRICH, Date Conserva, Lovage & Barley Crisps
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, La Mola, Sabina DOP 2009/2010 Lazio
Copper Ale “Spring Fling,” Blue Point Brewing Co. New York

Sheep’s Milk Ricotta NUDI di Uovo, Bird’s Nest Style
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lungarotti, Umbria Colli Martani DOP 2010/2011 Umbria
Friulano, Meroi 2007 Friuli

100 Layer LASAGNE alla Piastra
Butter, Beppino Occelli April 2011 Piemonte
Morellino di Scansano “I Perazzi,” La Mozza 2008 Toscana

VEAL Braciole, Roasted Porcini alla Cacciatore & Broccoli Blossoms
Extra Virgin Olive OIl, Zamparelli 2010/2011 Campania
Barolo “Rocchettevino,” Bovio 1999 Piemonte

PECORINO Fresco with Warm Eucalyptus Honey and Saffron
“TOCAI PLUS,” Bastianich 2006 Friuli

Nectarine ARROSTO, Basil Gelato & Grilled Lemon Cake
Extra Virgin Olive OIl, Mondranova 2010/2011 Sicilia
Passito di Pantelleria, “Ben Rye,” Donnafugata 2008 Sicilia


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Rejoice fashionistas, spring is definitely in the air! New stores, new concepts and new celebrations abound. It’s time for spring cleaning; make room for the fabulous new offerings coming soon to an avenue near you.

Faith Hope Consolo, Chairman, Retail Leasing and Sales Division
of Prudential Douglas Elliman recently published the shop ’til you drop Spring 2010 New York Retail Leasing Report


Which Spot In Central Park Was Voted Most Romantic?

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As the snow falls heavily in Manhattan, I received an update from the Central Park Conservancy. Reminding me of Valentines Day (note to self: Send flowers to Les),  I did wonder which was the most romantic spot in Central Park.

The answer? Bow Bridge. Check this and see what so many have said about Bow Bridge. Even in  the snow of winter! Or read about Central Park’s most romantic stories

The story behind Bow Bridge…

  • Named for its resemblance to a violinist’s or archer’s — or Cupid’s — bow, Bow Bridge’s dreamy setting over the sprawling Lake has inspired many a lovers’ stroll.
  • Designed by Central Park co-designer Calvert Vaux and his assistant Jacob Wrey Mould and built in 1862, Bow Bridge is the second-oldest cast-iron bridge in the United States. The Bridge spans 60 feet across the Lake, linking the cultivated and flowering landscape of Cherry Hill with the rustic and sprawling woods of the Ramble.
  • Bow Bridge is one of the most photographed spots in the Park and is provides the romantic backdrop for many wedding proposals and classic film shots.

Don’t worry spring is on the way…

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The Good Old Days

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Someone sent this to us. Can you relate?

1974: KEG
2009: EKG

1974: Acid rock
2009: Acid reflux

1974: Moving to California because it’s cool
2009: Moving to California because it’s warm

1974: Trying to look like Marlon Brando or Liz Taylor
2009: Trying NOT to look like Marlon Brando or Liz Taylor

1974: Seeds and stems
2009: Roughage

1974: Hoping for a BMW
2009: Hoping for a BM

1974: The Grateful Dead
2009: Dr. Kevorkian

1974: Going to a new, hip joint
2009  Receiving a new hip joint

1974: Rolling Stones
2009: Kidney Stones

1974: Being called into the principal’s office
2009: Calling the principal’s office

1974: Screw the system
2009: Upgrade the system

1974: Disco
2009: Costco

1974: Parents begging you to get your hair cut
2009: Children begging you to get their heads shaved

1974: Passing the drivers’ test
2009: Passing the vision test

1974: Whatever
2009: Depends

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Fed housing credit?

Fed housing credit?

Local media has been commenting since last August that New Yorkers seem to be blasé about the Recovery Package offer of $8,000 toward a new home. However, it was so popular nationally that Congress has extended that, and added a $6,500 offer for current owners who move.

Well, I wouldn’t pass it up if I were in the home market right now, and put my team to work finding out what you might buy with that free cash. Some new furniture and décor are obvious choices, and almost everyone needs something for their new home.

Or you could use it for other kinds of fun. Given my favorite pastimes, I might figure out how many lovely restaurant meals I could savor, including cuisine hot spots my wife and I usually reserve for special occasions.

But you have many other options. For about $600 to $1,600 you could score a pair of trendy Christian Louboutin shoes or boots at Saks, which offers 96 choices at your fingertips. Or there’s the current Prada event with hot items coming up, now available for pre-orders. While at Sak’s you could also pick up a steal on men’s watches, such as Breil Milano’s stainless steel chronograph strap watch at $1,250.

Or how about a Hermes bag? For classic Hermes, you can’t go wrong with the Birkin bag, starting at $6,000. Here’s a entire blog dedicated to the Birkin.

Here’s a tidbit from a local fashion blog: “Katie Holmes & Suri: Spotted on Madison Avenue of New York, little Suri had her own pint-sized version of Mom’s orange Hermes shopping bag. Later on, Katie was seen with a rare burgundy Garden Party Handbag that looked more like a boarding bag. The Hermes handbag offset her black pencil skirt and red heels. With all the goodies that could be stuffed into that spacious bag, Holmes was ready for anything.” The Evelyne, starting a bit under $2,500, is très chic now.

You can toast your new home with a rare champagne.  Dom Perignon Oenotheque 1993 is just $399.00 per 750 ml. bottle, limited to one per customer at Astor Wines.  Salon Blanc de Blanc, Le Mesnil – 1997 is more expensive at $459.99, but in greater supply.  You can buy a case of 6 for $2621.94.

Does your new co-op or condo allow pooches?  How about using your savings for today’s most expensive, pure bred, a Samoyed, starting at $3,000 or an English Bulldog at around $2,500.  On the other hand, if you adopt a nice homeless puppy from a shelter approved by the Humane Society, you’ll have lots of money to buy dog food and a really fancy collar, $18 and up from

And let’s not forget the sports fans.  How about season tickets to the Yankees next year?  Despite the World Series victory, top prices will actually decline, with field level seats at $250 per game for season ticket holders, down from $325 this year.

How much more stimulated could you get?  Check out my November 2 post  for housing stimulus dates and details. Go, Feds!

While checking out the food blogs this morning, I saw this wonderful little video on the The “sous vide” style low boil described in the video is a simplistic, yet effective variation on the much more precise method used by some professional chefs. (I tried it  and the eggs poached that way-but for a little less time- are really excellent!)

Sous vide literally means under pressure vacuum (thanks to Addélice’s comment) and refers to a cooking technique in which the chef seals food into an airtight plastic bag with a vacuum-packer (like a food saver or Seal-A-Meal) and then simmers it in water at a low and precise temperature.

The sous vide cooking method is memorialized in the book Under Pressure: Cooking Sous Vide by Thomas Keller, famed chef-proprietor of  Per Se in the Time Warner building in Manhattan’s Columbus Circle and The French Laundry in Yountville, California, in the Napa Valley. The book includes commercial preparation of receipts like Compressed Watermelon and Hayden Mango “Yolk”Salad of Heirloom Beets, Anjou Pear, Mache with Candied Walnuts and Blue Goat Cheese Coulis;   Air-cured Waygu, Treviso Leaves, Compressed Asian Pear and Whipped Pine Nut Oil.

The secret to sous vide is discovering the exact temperature required to achieve the most sublime results. My wife and I discovered these sublime results when we celebrated our anniversary last august at Per Se.


Harry Potter Buys Townhouse In West Village

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Daniel Radcliffe buys Manhattan townhouse in West Village

Daniel Radcliffe buys Manhattan townhouse in West Village

Daniel Radcliffe, the 20-year-old Wizard in Broadway’s Harry Potter production, has purchased his third New York City property, a five-bedroom, 3,000-square-foot West Village townhouse.  The price:  $6.4 million.

Celebrity publications report Radcliffe now owns more than $16 million in Manhattan area condos and apartments, plus a luxury condo in his home United Kingdom neighborhood of Fulham in London.

As reported by Real Estate Channel

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