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In the News – October 7, 2012

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9/27/12 City Awards Contract for Controversial E 91st Street Trash Station:  Swedish construction giant Skanska has won a $181 million contract to build the controversial East 91st Street marine transfer station.   The city’s Department of Design and Construction selected Skanska and a company called Trevcon to work jointly on building the new 10-story garbage facility, the city confirmed.  Read the full story at 

10/02/12 Second Avenue Subway Newsletter:  72nd Street Station plans.  See the full newsletter at 

10/02/12:  Forget Restaurants!  Locals are eating in:  The 2013 New York City Zagat restaurant guide reveals that for the first time in more than three decades, New Yorkers are cooking more dinners and lunches at home than dining out or ordering take-out.  See the full article at Crain’s New York Business 

10/2/12:  Manhattan Apartment supply hits 7-year low:  Despite tight inventory of apartments and co-ops in Manhattan, there is little sign of any pickup in prices.  The time it takes to sell an apartment drops to a five-year low.  See full article at Crain’s New York Business




In the News

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06/26/12:  Let them all eat a $1,000 dessert:  A crown prince of Dubai and his party arrived at the Serendipity 3 for one of their Golden Opulence Sundaes recently.  Read the full article at the New York Post   

7/13/12:  Geffen gets super Rich pad:  David Geffen buys Upper East Side Penthouse apartment of Denise Rich for $54 million.  See the full article in the New York Post

 As I tweeted last night @reGeezer:

Celebrated anniversary at Del Posto in Meat Packing District. Had 7 course tasting menu- local ingredients paired w/Italian EVOO+wine. Wow!

 Below is the menu from Del Posto’s site. Our favorites were the ostrich and the 100 Layer lasagne!

                                                                  Menu Tradizionale

Champagne “Fleur de L’Europe,” Fleury Brut NV France

Del Posto CRUDO with Homegrown Herbs & Burrata
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ROI: Cru Riva Gianca, Riviera dei Fiori DOP 2009/ 2010 Liguria
Cinque Terre “Marea,” Bisson 2008 Liguria

Apician Spiced OSTRICH, Date Conserva, Lovage & Barley Crisps
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, La Mola, Sabina DOP 2009/2010 Lazio
Copper Ale “Spring Fling,” Blue Point Brewing Co. New York

Sheep’s Milk Ricotta NUDI di Uovo, Bird’s Nest Style
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lungarotti, Umbria Colli Martani DOP 2010/2011 Umbria
Friulano, Meroi 2007 Friuli

100 Layer LASAGNE alla Piastra
Butter, Beppino Occelli April 2011 Piemonte
Morellino di Scansano “I Perazzi,” La Mozza 2008 Toscana

VEAL Braciole, Roasted Porcini alla Cacciatore & Broccoli Blossoms
Extra Virgin Olive OIl, Zamparelli 2010/2011 Campania
Barolo “Rocchettevino,” Bovio 1999 Piemonte

PECORINO Fresco with Warm Eucalyptus Honey and Saffron
“TOCAI PLUS,” Bastianich 2006 Friuli

Nectarine ARROSTO, Basil Gelato & Grilled Lemon Cake
Extra Virgin Olive OIl, Mondranova 2010/2011 Sicilia
Passito di Pantelleria, “Ben Rye,” Donnafugata 2008 Sicilia


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iTrulli Pasta Class with Chef Patti Jackson

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Last Saturday my wife and I attended a pasta making and cooking class at iTrulia. This NY Times two star restaurant  is the epitome of a neighborhood restaurant serving Italian food from Apulia (which forms the heel of Italy’s boot) using the finest ingredients found locally and imported from Italy.

Located on a side street (122 East 27th Street between Lex & Park) i Trulli’s hands-on Chef Patti Jackson creates homecooked meals with virtually everything produced on site. The owner’s mother, Dara Maravilla, makes nearly all the pasta and can be seen doing so daily from 11am through about 4pm.

Unfortunately, Dara was not feeling well on Saturday, so it was up to Patti to cook and entertain the 15 or so “students” that attended the hands-on pasta class and lunch.

Each dish was prepared by Chef Patti with the assistance of apron wearing students. Interestingly, lessons learned were much less about exact measurements of the ingredients as it was about the look and feel of the various doughs and the color and consistency of the sauces. After each dish was prepared by Patti/group, we had it as lunch course served from the “real” kitchen. 

The first course was a Cavatelli (little shells) with broccoli rabe and almonds. We all had the chance to feel the consistency of this ultra simple dough ( ratio of 2 cups all purpose flour + 1 cup very hot water) as well as try our hands at making the shape.

Next we worked with whole wheat flour to create whole wheat tonnarelli (pasta similar to spaghetti) with fonduta (rich creamy cheese sauce) and walnuts.

Then we created butternut squash ravioli with a brown butter and sage sauce. Amazing!

Finally, we ended this lunch feast with strudel di mele for desert. Throughout the demonstration Patti would return to the strudel dough and continue to stretch it. Over time it was transformed to a paper thin dough,  four feet by 2 feet, encasing the apple and cinnamon and sugar filling.

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Fantastic Lunch at Per Se Restaurant!

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We celebrated our anniversary at Per Se in the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. From the personalized menu wishing us a Happy Anniversary to the tour of the kitchen and wine cellar, it was an amazing day. Their service was stellar and the food was remarkable! We booked a reservation (on the wait list) for next month.

Enjoy the photos and beautiful presentation of our Chef’s Tasting Menu – you can almost taste the food with your eyes!

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Malbec Wine Tasting at Morton’s Restaurant

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Malbec Tasting at MortonsWe had a wonderful bottle of Malbec while in Argentina a few years ago. I think it was called Luis Borcas. I’ve never tasted a more wonderful wine paired with beef but have been unable to find it here in Manhattan.

So when I was invited to a Malbec tasting at Morton’s Steakhouse on East 45th Street I was excited to taste these Trapiche Malbecs.  In addition to the wine we were treated to samplings of food as well.

On the wine list:
Trapiche, Torrontes, 2008
Trapiche, “Oak Cask,” Malbec 2007
Michel Torino, “Don David,” Malbec 2006

Broquel, Malbec 2006
Trapiche, “Adriana Venturin,” Malbec 2006

Paired with samplings of:
Sliced Tenderloin with Chimichurri Sauce
Broiled Sea Scallops, Apricot Chutney
Selection of Cheeses
Miniature Morton’s Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake

I dutifully sampled the five selections, but kept coming back to my favorite the Trapiche Single Vineyard “Adriana Venturin.” It was spicy yet soft, and after breathing for about a half hour was wonderful with the sliced tenderloin on crostini.

Not really a fan of deserts-and for some reason I didn’t think the chocolate cake would compliment the wine,  took a glass of the Adriana Venturin to the bar and ordered lamb chops.

It was really was excellent.

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Midtown Manhattan Korean & Mexican Food Mashup

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We didn't have this! Too bad...

We expected a taco, perhaps this short rib taco, but we got a kimchi quesadilla instead

They were serving a Korean/Mexican mashup..kimchi quesadilla out of a  truck… the Dessert Truck on loan to Kogi! And it was on 56th street and Lexington Avenue, only a couple of blocks away from my office.

It seemed like a good idea when I read about it in and even better when I read the buzz on where, after the fact, I got the photo below.  (I was without a camera since I returned my Apple iPhone yesterday. Good thing too with the new models and software update announced today.)

At $4 bucks and going to benifit CityMeals-on-wheels I couldn’t miss it!

...but the chocolate mousse from the Desert Truck was excellent!

...but the chocolate mousse from the Desert Truck was excellent!

The quesadilla was a bit greasy but had a nice spicy/hot after glow. The chocolate mousse with peanut butter filling was surrounded by and nestled in a creme Anglais. It was garnished with a piece of caramel coated popcorn-reminiscent of Cracker Jacks.  Very nice.

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