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In the News June 23, 2013

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06/06/13  A second win for Bloomberg’s taxi legacy:  Hours after his plan to expand livery cab service to the outer boroughs was reinstated by the state’s highest court, the mayor’s “e-hail” app pilot project was also given the go-ahead, giving his administration a double-win after a string of legal defeats.  See the full article at Crain’s NY.

06/06/13  Supermodel Adriana Lima Lists Central Park Condo for $5.5 Million: Rumor has it Adriana Lima has listed her 2 Bedroom 2.5 Bathroom,view 146 W 57 2200 SF condo in Midtown for $5.5 Million.  The building boasts of a 24 hour white-gloved doorman and concierge, with an exclusive restaurant and dining terrace and fitness center.    The apartment has views of central park, lots of windows, customized walk in closets and a media room to die for.   See the Full article at Yahoo! News

06/12/13:  Dolly Lenz leaving Elliman: Sources:  Dolly Lenz, Douglas Elliman’s perpetually top-ranked luxury sales broker is leaving the firm after a 14-year tenure.  See The Real Deal for more details

06/13/13 Milestone contract for Second Avenue Subway:  A $208 million job given by the MTA to two large contractors will complete the first phase of the massive, long awaited project on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  See the full article at Crain’s New York Business

06/13/13 UES Marine Transfer Station Needs $2.4M in Flood-Proofing:  The city needs to spend almost $2.4 Million to protect the East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station from flooding after an inspection showed a storm the size of Sandy could leave it deluged.  See the full article at DNA


Muck House Removal at 72nd Street

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The MTA has been advising us over the past few months that the 72nd Street muck house removal will be occurring this Spring, commencing in May. This work has commenced and the structure is currently being emptied of all materials and equipment. The breakdown of the structure’s metal enclosure and framework will begin within the next few days. To facilitate the safe removal of the enclosure and to protect passing pedestrians, a sidewalk shed will be installed on or about Monday, May 13th along the east sidewalk of Second Avenue between 72nd Street and 73rd Street.

Please note that the scope and nature of construction activities are subject to change based upon field conditions. All work has been approved by appropriate City agencies where required. The MTA committed to completing this work quickly and safely with the least amount of disruption to neighborhood residents, and they appreciate your continued patience during this construction.

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Blugh-Willis, Community Liaison for the 72nd Street Station Area, via email at

or after hours at (212) 792 9716.

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Second Avenue Subway News

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On Friday, March 15, 2013, MTA Capital Construction (MTACC) hosted its tenth Second Avenue Subway (SAS) Construction Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting at Marymount Manhattan College. The CAC meetings are an integral part of MTACC’s continuing effort to keep the community informed about construction activity in the neighborhood.

CAC meetings bring MTACC, SAS construction managers and contractors, and representatives of the community together to discuss and work on construction issues. These are working meetings for building representatives, including condo and co-op board members and building managers, those who live in buildings not represented by boards, business owners, and community board and association representatives.  SAS quarterly public workshops are open to the public.

The following is a summary of the March 15th meeting:

  • The last Public Workshop was held on January 30th2013.  The workshop report will be distributed soon.
  • Sidewalk improvements were made on Second Avenue at 69th Street.  Pedestrian crosswalks throughout the work area were also restriped.
  • All drill and blast excavation for the 72nd Street Station Area was completed as of February 28th 2013.
  • Concrete operations will continue until approximately October 2013.  During peak periods, expected to occur from May 2013 – August 2013, there will be a higher frequency of concrete truck activity. This is needed to execute the high volume pours needed to form the cavern arch lining.
  • With blasting ended at the Ancillaries and Entrance 3, these areas will now function as additional access points for cavern operations.  Muck bins that were used to remove excavated material have been eliminated from the sites; however, cranes will remain to allow for the erection of ancillary and entrance structures.
  • Work to disassemble the 72nd Street Muck House will begin in May 2013. Once complete, crews will begin relocating utilities across the 72nd Street shaft. Utility relocation for 1322 Second Avenue is also expected to commence in preparation for Entrance 1 construction.
  • Additional design review has led to a redesign of Entrance 1. The new entrance will be discussed further at a follow-up CAC meeting on April 8th. The latest proposal was presented at the Community Board 8 SAS Taskforce meeting on February 28, 2013. Additional public/community meeting(s) will be scheduled by Community Board 8 to discuss Department of Transportation plans for a proposed bike lane along Second Avenue at the completion of Second Avenue Subway project. Community members are encouraged to check the Community Board’s website for updates and schedules of these Community Board-lead meetings.
  • Please note that the PowerPoint presentation shown at this meeting is available on the website:
  •  The next CAC meeting will be held in June 2013.  SAS community liaisons will continue to meet with smaller groups as requested to discuss specific elements of construction progress.

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In the News March 10, 2013

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02/15/13 MTA Awards $258M Contract for Second Avenue Subway station at E. 72nd St:  Progress continues on the Second Avenue subway project, as the Metropolitan Transit Authority awarded a major construction contract for the future East 72nd Street station, officials announced Friday.  See the full article at  

03/08/13 Unique UES clapboard mansion hits market for $10.5M with a treehouse:    Lots of mansions on the Upper East Side are loaded with frills. But one that just hit the market for $10.5 million has something a bit unusual in its backyard — at least for a home in Manhattan: a 14-foot-high treehouse.  See the full article at

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Upper East Side Year Ahead

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2012 finished with a bang.   Thanks to talk about the ‘fiscal cliff’, Manhattan had the busiest 4th Quarter sales in 25 years.

Sales inventory has dropped to a 12-year low.

Studio & one bedroom apartment inventory, already low, is falling as available units are snapped up.  According to Miller Samuel and Douglas Elliman reports, smaller apartments are in short supply and prices will rise.  It’s important, when listing apartments, to make sure the unit is ready, priced right, staged and in perfect condition.

Rental prices remain high with falling inventory. 
Higher rents generally drive sales in our neighborhood, except when credit is tight.  Those who  can’t buy are forced to continue to rent, keeping rental prices high. 

… The exception is the Second Avenue Subway construction corridor where median rents are down by 1.7%.  Unsurprisingly, median rents are on the rise outside the subway corridor east of First Avenue and west of Third.  According to Jonathan Miller of The Matrix  the was a 3.2% increase to the west and 2% increase of median rent prices to the east of the Second Ave Subway zone.  It stands to reason that the rental inventory rose 9% in the Subway zone, and fell by 5.1% to the west and 2% to the east for the same period.

 Some renters are not grousing about the rent around the construction.  In fact they are grateful for the break in rent, and the construction disturbance seems to pale in comparison to higher rents elsewhere in the city according to this New York Times article.

Tight lending restrictions are bringing out Cash Buyers.  Most new developments are being funded by Hedge Funds.  Since banks are more averse than ever to taking risks, they aren’t making as many loans.  According to the Business Insider, even though mortgage interest rates are at historic lows, one mortgage insider predicts that new mortgages funded will hit an all-time low in 2013.  

The price is what the Appraiser says it is.  Appraisers are not always local so I make it a practice to meet with appraisers and present them with comparables, information about the neighborhood and specifics of the building.  It’s also important to make sure everything in the apartment is in working condition, clean, bright and tidy and have information available about changes made that enhance the value of the apartment.  For more great tips, see this article from the Brick Underground on how to Ace your Appraisal.

Second Avenue Subway Update – Muck Houses at 69th St and 72nd St are on target to be removed by Fall 2013 and Spring 2013 respectively.  The construction continues and they’re getting ready to start on the 72nd street Station structure.  The contract has been awarded and according to MTA the contract completion date is December 2013.  The first phase of the project from 96th to 63rd is scheduled to be operational in December 2016.
The MTA is holding a 5th Quarterly public workshop on Jan 30.  To receive an email invitation to this workshop, send an email to   For more up-to-date information from the Second Avenue Subway project, check out their newsletters.  

A new Cornell campus on Roosevelt Island will give rise to an F-train tech corridor.   Our neighborhood will benefit from the desire of faculty and students to live in areas that are convenient by train in Manhattan.




MTA Unveils Second Avenue Subway Air Monitoring Website

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You can take a deep breath along the Second Avenue subway construction zone, according to the MTA.  Even with the dirt and dust from the digging and blasting, the MTA says the air is safe, and created a website to post the data online to prove it. 

  • Every Wednesday, MTA will post updated air quality monitoring data from the 10 locations between East 63rd to 96th streets on its website  for the pollutant Particulate Matter 10, which can cause or aggravate such health concerns as asthma, bronchitis or other lung disorders.
  • Data collected so far show that the levels along the corridor are generally 1/3 below the national standard set by the EPA
  • The results show the 24-hour readings of minute-to-minute samples collected.
  • If levels exceed standards during a 15-minute window, an alarm goes off and immediate action is taken.

 Local politicians and some residents are pleased with the voluntary transparency and find the results and increased communications encouraging.

Excerpted from

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MTA recently hired Parsons Brickeroff to conduct an air-quality survey.

Starting on September 12, 2011 and continuing throughout a 4 week period, the firm collected minute-by-minute data for various pollutants at 10 locations between E 69th and 87th Streets.  The final report, revealed that most measured pollutants were below national air quality and industry standards. 

  • High concentrations of one type of particulate matter were “attributed to local traffic emissions, other local sources such as commercial and residential boilers . . . with no significant contribution from blasting activities”, according to the report.
  • Another spike during the 3 to 7 pm blasting period showed concentrations below acceptable levels to indicate no adverse health effects.

According to a statement released Thursday, MTA Capital Construction President Michael Horodniceanu  “Based on the results of the study, there are no concerns that Second Avenue Subway construction si causing any danger to the public’s health. We will continue to do everything we can to be a good neighbor as we complete this critically important project as quickly as possible.”

Several measures were implemented to mitigate the odors and dust :

  • “Dust Bosses” that spray water mist to force the dust particles to settle within the “muck house” structure were installed in two of the structures.
  • Wet burlap curtains were installed in the shafts to act as screening for dust.
  • Permanently sealing some overhangs
  • Installed additional vents
  • Increased time between blasts to allow for dust and smoke to dissipate.

Residents agree these measures have improved the conditions, but lament the delay in implementation.

The study findings will be presented by the MTA to the Community Board 8’ Second Avenue Task Force at Hunter College, 695 Park Ave, West Building Lecture Hall Room, 714W on January 26, at 6:30 which we will be attending.

Excerpted from article by Amy Zimmer.